MacRock Real Estate
Investments & Advisory Services

Our success is based on several factors, including; being creative problem solvers, being diligent and attentive to detail yet managing “to see the forest through the trees”, approaching all projects with an “Investor” mind-set, and leveraging a strong network of affiliated partners.   


Capital / Structuring - Debt & Equity

Given today's credit market, all deals are tougher - You have a complex need.  Our experiences in structuring all type of transactions and our relationship with various equity and debt sources will provide you the unique solution you need.   We view this part of our business as a Consultative process not just a transactional service.  We leverage our network to help you with the following;
  • Construction, Redevelopment and Permanent First Mortgages,
  • Secondary Financing,
  • "Hard Money" Loans,
  • JV Equity,
  • Preferred / "Gap Equity" and
  • Loan Restructuring. 

Strategic Consulting Services

As an Owner, given the current credit turmoil, your need may be as complex as determining a three year Capital plan for your portfolio.  As an Operating Business that owns real estate, you may need to determine whether or not you can effectively utilize your real estate assets to generate liquidity.  And, as a Lender, you may be interested in finding an Equity and/or Operating Partner so as to manage your capital and not liquidate into a distressed market.  We will assess your specific need, propose a plan and assemble the right team to execute the plan on your behalf. 

Our valuable insight can assist in many ways, specifically, we can help with:

  • Portfolio Analysis - "Buy", "Hold", "Sell" recommendations on Loans, Properties, & REO,
  • Loan Document Review and Plan for Renegotiation - Traditional, CMBS and Mezzanine Debt,
  • Lease Analysis - Abstract and Valuation Data for Renegotiation Purposes, and
  • Developing a "work-out" strategy and identifying the appropriate resources to execute the plan.


Expertise underwriting all property types and investing throughout the East Coast has provided significant proprietary data and relationships with both tenants and local professionals to help with almost all of your needs.  We provide the following Due-diligence Services:

  • Market Analysis,
  • Valuation,
  • Site Inspections,
  • Tenant / Corporate / Business Audits, and
  • Balance Sheet and Business Sustainability Analysis.